Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Winter's coming, but where's my jacket?

The weather is doing its level best here to get us to winter in a hurry. I am a bit unprepared. On Monday, I pulled my winter jacket out of the back of the closet, put it on and the zipper came apart. Last winter, the pocket zippers died, but I could live with that. Now, short of safety pinning my jacket shut, I have no good alternative once the blustery winds blow across the tundra that is the parking lot at work.

Last night POSSLQ and I went on a jacket hunt: REI, Herbergers, Kohls, Gander Mountain. No luck. After that I turned to good old LLBean. After an hour on the phone with a customer service representative (may I just say here that LLBean consistently has the best, nicest customer service reps *ever*), I think I may have found something:

but, of course, everyone else already ordered one, so it is backordered and wont be here for 2 weeks.

Everyone needs to think warm weather thoughts until then.

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