Thursday, October 25, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

Today is my parents 60th wedding anniversary. They were high school sweethearts, became engaged when Dad left for his military service during WWII. While Dad was gone, Mom taught grades 1-8 in a one-room school. When Dad was discharged from the Army Air Corps in 1947, they were married. Dad wore his grandfathers suit; Mom wore her cousins wedding dress. Their flowers were chrysanthemums, as these were the only flowers blooming at the time, and everyone who had flowers in their gardens donated some to make bouquets. There are two existing photos of them on their wedding day. Each shows a blurry black thing next to a blurry white thing.

They spent their wedding night at the Hotel Duluth in Duluth, Minnesota. Mom forgot something in the car and Dad went to get it. Returning, he couldnt remember what floor their hotel room was on and spent quite some time going from floor to floor trying to find their room. Returning from their honeymoon, they moved in with my Dads parents for 1 ½ years, while my Dad and Grandfather built the house in which I grew up.

Through that adventure and many, many more, they have survived and prevailed with a sense of humor. Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

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