Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It bit me.

There I was. Happily knitting along on Clapotis, heading for the home stretch and feeling pretty smug about how it was going. And then I realized. I’d been dropping stitches on the right side of the scarf, but not on the left. And why? Because I thought I was smarter than the instructions and didn’t bother to read them.

I ripped back about 12” of knitting and then stuffed it all in a bag. I can’t bear to look at it right now.


Friday, March 6, 2009

Charleston Part 3

We had coffee (beautifully presented) at a friendly restaurant - Toast.

Charleston Part 2

The historic area of Charleston has a wonderful yarn shop: Knit. We had a good browse around the shop and met the schnauzers in residence. Everyone at the shop was welcoming and helpful.

Two of us bought Interlacements "Rick Rack" and we are both making Clapotis.

Charleston Part 1

Spent a weekend in Charleston, SC with my college roommates. We had a wonderful time. Knitting was done in transit (we probably looked like the Madames Defarge in the back of the plane) and it was much discussed while we were all together.
Made these for my friends in honor of the event. These are knit from Sweet Georgia's Silk Lamb in Indigo and Red. Lovely stuff and so soft.The pattern is Rose's Wristwarmers (from the Doomsday episode of Dr. Who). Thanks to the recipients for their elegant modeling work.